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Shop our selected Gaiwans with different styles. Gaiwan is used for Gongfu tea brewing. It’s more affordable comparing to teapot, easy to use and wash.

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What is a Gaiwan?

A Gaiwan is a type of teacup that is typically used in Chinese Gong fu tea ceremonies. It consists of three parts: a lid, a bowl, and a saucer. The lid keeps the tea warm and prevents the tea leaves from floating in the cup. The bowl holds the tea, and the saucer can catch any drips.

Whats the origin and history of Gaiwan?

The first record of the gaiwan dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China (618907). The gaiwan was originally designed for the imperial court and was used to brew tea for the emperor and his guests.

Over time, the gaiwan became more popular among the general population and was eventually adopted as a standard tea brewing method in China. Today, the gaiwan is still widely used in China and has been adopted by tea enthusiasts around the world.

How to brew with a Gaiwan?

You may want to check this post to learn about how to brew with a Gaiwan.

Teas that are best brewed in Gaiwan

There are actually quite a few teas that are best brewed in a gaiwan.

First up is white tea. White tea is known for being very delicate, and brewing it in a gaiwan helps to preserve its delicate flavor.

Next is green tea. Green tea is another delicate tea, but it has a slightly more robust flavor than white tea. Brewing green tea in a gaiwan allows you to control the flavor and bitterness, so you can tailor it to your own taste.

Oolong tea is another great option for brewing in a gaiwan. Oolong is semioxidized, which gives it a unique flavor that is somewhere between green and black tea. It’s also known for being very versatile, so you can experiment with different brewing times and temperatures to find the perfect cup for you.

Last but not least is puerh tea. Puerh tea is a type of fermented black tea, and it has a very strong and earthy flavor. Because of its strong flavor, puerh tea is best brewed in small quantities. If youre looking for an intense and flavorful cup of tea, puerh is a great option.


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