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HE WU – 合吾 collection presents the high-end designer tea ware artworks from Jingdezhen artist Dan Li.

合吾 He Wu, it matches my heart's desire. Blend with the times, always a delight. A contemporary ceramic art brand that surpasses the beauty of Eastern aesthetic culture. Adhere to originality, perceive the purity of life, and integrate human and objects. Committed to integrating traditional craftsmanship into modern life. Deconstructing the beauty of rebirth with different ceramic languages. Unrestricted by tradition, not limited by form. Simplistic yet luxurious, it matches my heart's desire.
Dan Li


Most Favorited Selections

小时候 - Childhood

Childhood - 小时候

Grass and insects, the stars of the microscopic world of nature. Delicate strokes fall upon the barely-there thin wings of cicadas, and upon the never-ending dance of dandelions, exuding the breath of life.

Daylilies and warblers
- 萱草莺飞

From the ancient Eastern classical gardens, the teaware draws its inspiration, incorporating the winding corridors and paths of Jiangnan, China, into the circular vessels. The Daylilies, known as the “forget-worry herb,” is delicately woven in. The flora serves as an important muse, with the sweet fragrance and the song of the birds perched on its branches, bringing in a sense of tranquility and elegance.

萱草莺飞 - Daylilies and warblers
四季花开 - Four Seasons in Bloom

Four Seasons in Bloom - 四季花开

In defiance of cold, the plum blooms bold.
Hibiscus skirt, lotus fold.
Chrysanthemums, peaceful and obscure.
Breaking tradition, their pattern’s allure.

Beautiful and meaningful

Inspired by cultural heritance

We draw inspiration from the rich and diverse cultural heritage. We honor the history, art in our designs, while adding a touch of modern elegance and innovation.

Client Photos

Our Happy Clients!

"The ceramic quality of the Gaiwan is amazing, lightweight and easy to hold. The base color of the appearance is very gentle, and the hand-drawn lines are smooth. I use it for both rock tea and black tea. The edge of the bowl has a petal shape, which is rare and interesting. The edge has a certain degree of stretch and does not burn my hands. Overall, I really like it."
Wang Yun
"It is truly beautiful to the point of being a bit excessive... Once I had it in my hands, I knew I had to get the whole set... I've recently become obsessed with He Wu collections... They are just too beautiful and delicate..."
Shui Xin
"He Wu's tea set is really amazing! The glaze color is so beautiful. I feel like even the tea I brew tastes better now."
Hua Yi


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