What is De Zhong Yixing Teapot?


The De Zhong teapot is one of the classic teapot shapes that has been passed down through generations. It was originally created by the master potter Shao Daheng during the Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty.

The design of the De Zhong teapot is characterized by its dignified simplicity, highlighting the humble and elegant nature of purple clay. This teapot style has garnered much admiration and love from tea enthusiasts worldwide.

De Zhong Yixing Teapot
De Zhong Yixing Teapot

Historical Story

In the book “Summary of Yixing Purple Clay Teapot Art” by the esteemed master Gu Jingzhou, he wrote, “After studying and imitating for decades, I believe that Shao Daheng’s various teapot creations can be considered a culmination of the art of purple clay. They embody the delicate and refined style of that era. From his meticulous selection of clay, the profound aesthetics in his designs, the exquisite craftsmanship in his creations, to his exceptional skills, he gained widespread acclaim and achieved a level of prestige that is truly remarkable, with no equals before or after.”

Therefore, the De Zhong teapot is not only a testament to Shao Daheng’s artistic prowess and personal charm but also a representation of his outstanding skills and achievements. The significance of this teapot transcends its role as a mere vessel and is highly revered by people from all walks of life.

The name “De Zhong” can be understood as an embodiment of moral excellence and virtue. It signifies the culmination of ethical standards in traditional culture. The De Zhong Yixing teapot, in this context, serves as a moral exemplar and a symbol of virtuous conduct in the realm of traditional Chinese culture.

The use of the term “Zhong” (钟) implies concentration and gathering, indicating the gathering and integration of moral principles. Thus, the creation of the De Zhong purple clay teapot by the esteemed artists of that time represents the fusion of art and moral values, aligning the teapot with the noble ideals of virtue and righteousness.

Design of De Zhong Teapot

The De Zhong teapot has a dignified and stable appearance with well-proportioned and harmonious dimensions. Its structure is meticulously crafted. The flat knob on the lid is similar in shape to the body of the teapot, and the straight spout and handle exude an air of integrity and elegance, reminiscent of a noble gentleman offering sincere advice. The curve of the shoulder of the teapot is smooth and natural, seamlessly transitioning into the base of the spout, creating a sense of openness and grandeur. The rounded lines above and below the teapot’s opening resemble lightly pursed lips, conveying a sense of calmness and composure. The delicate decorative line on the lid is a brilliant touch, perfectly balanced in thickness, width, and position.

The spout and handle of the teapot are gracefully curved and blend naturally with the straight and slightly bulging body of the teapot. This showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of a straight teapot body in Yixing purple clay, achieving the best visual effect. The bottom of the teapot is flawlessly shaped, resembling natural jade, with the spout displaying a refined and smooth contour. The attention to detail is evident, with clean and precise execution, striking a balance between outstanding aesthetics and practicality.

The De Zhong Yixing teapot embodies the spirit of a true gentleman, harmoniously combining noble elegance with simplicity. It carries the essence of Chinese culture, emphasizing personal cultivation, moral integrity, and benefiting the world.

Tea Suitable For De Zhong

The De Zhong Yixing teapot is suitable for steeping various types of tea. Particularly, it is well-suited for brewing popular teas like Pu-erh tea and Oolong tea.

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