What is Ru Ding Yixing Teapot?

Ru Ding Teapot, as its name suggests, is an imitation teapot. The overall shape of the teapot is designed inspired by the ancient tripod (Ding).

Ru Ding Yixing Teapot
Ru Ding Yixing Teapot

Ding is an ancient cooking vessel and one of the most important species of ancient bronze vessels. It is mostly made of bronze, round, with three legs and two ears (there are also rectangular four-legged ones), and was popular during the Shang, Zhou and Han Dynasty.

The tripod has always been regarded as an important symbol of the state and its power, and has been given meanings such as “distinguished”, “honored” and “grand”. The tripod was also a ceremonial vessel for meritorious achievements. During the Zhou Dynasty, the king and the minister had to cast a tripod to record his achievements during major celebrations or when receiving rewards. This ritual still has some influence today. Sending a tripod to someone as a gift has deep cultural meaning and far-reaching significance.

Ancient Tripod
Ancient tripod

It has a round body and three legs, with the spout and handle serving as the two ears. Because of the “three small nipple-shaped feet”, it is called Ru Ding teapot (Ru is the Chinese pronunciation for nipple teapot), and is also known as Ru Ding teapot with three legs.

Its body is simple and fat, with smooth lines, there is no trace of junction between the various parts of the pot, reflecting its subtle beauty. The color is warm and delicate. The lid resembles a breast and is covered over the body of the pot, integrated into a single piece, making the whole pot even more elegant, fully reflecting the qualities of Zisha.

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