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Hey tea lovers! While many of you know us as a premium Chinese tea wares company. We also specialized in teas in Huang Shan region. Huang Shan is home to the most famous Chinese teas – Huang Shan Mao Feng, Keemun and Tai Ping Hou Kui. As natives of this breathtaking place, we have a deep connection to the land and its rich tea heritage.

We understand that finding the perfect tea can be a personal journey, which is why we offer our sample pack. It allows you to explore the diverse flavors of Huang Shan teas and discover the one that resonates with your taste buds.

Each of the teas are sourced and produced directly from the tea farmers, ensuring the quality and the authentic taste.

Sample pack including:
Huang Shan Mao Feng – 10g
Tai Ping Hou Kui – 10g
Keemun Mao Feng – 10g
Osmanthus Keemun – 10g

We can’t wait to hear from your feedbacks on our teas. Join us on this journey and let us be your guide as you explore the enchanting world of Huang Shan teas.

Please note that the tea and tea wares will be shipped in seperate packages according to customs requirement. Usually tea will come slightly later than the tea wares.

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Teaware is the respect for tea and people

In the world of tea, the vessels we use are much more than mere containers; they are a form of respect for both the tea and the people who drink it. Each cup of tea encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of the Chinese people. Take, for instance, the Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi, who would sit by a mountain spring, brewing tea and observing the clear waters. Or Song Dynasty’s Su Shi, who enjoyed new tea by the gentle breeze, composing poetry and savoring the moment. Ming Dynasty’s Wen Zhengming cherished the taste of tea, brewing it with his own hands to capture the fleeting essence of tranquility.

Tea, originally a wild plant, was elevated to an art form through the writings of Lu Yu and the poems of Lu Tong. Their works, “The Classic of Tea” and “The Treatise on Tea,” transformed tea from a simple drink to a cultural symbol. Drinking tea in China ranged from the luxurious practices of the Tang Dynasty nobility to the quiet retreats of the Ming and Qing Dynasty scholars and monks. This magical leaf from the East became a symbol of purity and a perfect cultural vessel.

Lu Yu, to emphasize tea’s spiritual significance, designed teaware, established tea ceremonies, and created a set of tea rituals. These practices evolved into various tea traditions, creating a path to spiritual transcendence. Every aspect of these designs was meant to immerse you in a particular state of mind. Teaware, tea ceremonies, tea rituals, and tea traditions all serve to present tea and the individual at their best, resulting in the creation of numerous fascinating and indescribable tea utensils.

Teaware is to tea what a father is to his child, while water is the mother. Holding a Song Dynasty Jian Zhan teacup, you might notice that the tea seems to taste richer and more complex. This might be an illusion, or perhaps the ancients understood the relationship between tea and its vessels better than we do today. Curious, I asked several people who use ancient teaware, and their answers confirmed my feelings: teaware indeed enhances the fragrance of tea. This, I believe, is the true essence of teaware.

Teaware embodies both the beauty of utility and the beauty of the intangible. Making tea more aromatic and flavorful is the beauty of utility, while allowing the vessel to hold spirit and charm is the beauty of the intangible. Holding a Song Dynasty teacup, you can see the mesmerizing, intoxicating patterns and wonder how the ancients infused their intentions into such a simple object.

The Silver Hairy-Bristle Gongfu Teacup from the Song Dynasty

The Silver Hairy-Bristle Gongfu Teacup from the Song Dynasty

Northern Song Dynasty Iron-Rust Patterned Teacup

Northern Song Dynasty Iron-Rust Patterned Teacup

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    Blue Mystery 130ml Jian Zhan Cup

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    Blue Ocean 120ml Jian Zhan Cup

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    Cercis Occidentalis 130ml Jian Zhan Cup

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    Golden Phoenix 160ml Jian Zhan Cup

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    Golden Qilin 130ml Jian Zhan Cup

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    Silver Glacier 120ml Jian Zhan Cup

    Original price was: $45.90.Current price is: $39.90.


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