What is Fang Gu Yixing Teapot?


The Fang Gu (仿古) Yixing teapot is a classic type of Yixing teapot that has been refined by numerous renowned craftsmen over several centuries, making it truly exceptional. Alongside the Shi Piao (石瓢) and Xi Shi (西施) teapots, the Fang Gu teapot stands as one of the three iconic styles in the world of Yixing teaware. Its enduring popularity and timeless appeal have made it an essential choice for tea enthusiasts everywhere.

Historical Story

Fang Gu (仿古) Yixing teapot is intertwined with a debate regarding its name—whether it should be called “Fang Gu” (仿古) or “Fang Gu” (仿鼓). 古 (Ancient), 鼓 (Drum), they both have the same pronunciation “Gu”.

When referring to historical books on Yixing teaware, the earliest mention of the Fang Gu teapot can be attributed to the pioneering work of Shao Daheng. Originally, it was referred to as the “Fang Gu” (仿鼓) teapot. However, at some point in time, the name transitioned to “Fang Gu” (仿古). Some believe that the term “Fang Gu” (仿古) emerged later, after the term “Fang Gu” (仿鼓) had already been established.

According to historical records, during the Qing Dynasty, when Shao Daheng crafted this type of teapot, it was referred to as the “Fang Gu” (仿鼓) teapot. Upon closer observation of its form, the upper and lower sections appear slightly squeezed, with a slightly bulging waist, resembling a flat drum. Furthermore, there are similarities between this teapot style and the Taiji Drum teapot created by Shao Jingshan, implying a possible origin for the name of this teapot design.

The Design of Pan Hu Teapot

The Fang Gu teapot should possess a powerful presence, reminiscent of a tension-filled, inflated drum.

Bottom: The bottom of the Fang Gu teapot is generally flat and wide.

Shoulder: The shoulder of the Fang Gu teapot must be tall and upright, exuding a sense of grandeur.

Neck: The Fang Gu teapot has a relatively short neck.

Spout: The spout of the Fang Gu teapot is linear in shape, resembling a straight line.

Handle: The handle of the Fang Gu teapot is slightly raised from the body, and there is a small gap between the handle and the lid. The shape of the handle is proportionally scaled down from the body of the teapot.

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