What is Pan Hu Yixing Teapot?


Pan Hu is a teapot named after a person called Pan Shi Cheng.
According to historical records, during the late Qing Dynasty, wealthy individuals would visit Yixing with the purpose of ordering teapots. These teapots were not only used for social gatherings but also as a way to showcase one’s wealth and status. Among all the teapots created during that time, the Pan Hu Yixing teapot gained the highest reputation and became widely renowned.

Qing Dynasty Pan Hu – Made For Pan Shi Cheng

Historical Story

The “Pan” in Pan Hu Yixing teapot actually refers to a person named Pan Shicheng. He was a wealthy and influential figure during the late Qing Dynasty in China. His ancestors were involved in the salt trade, and he continued their business while also venturing into other industries, including foreign trade. He became a prominent merchant in Guangzhou and played a significant role in the city’s modern history.

Pan Shi Cheng

Unfortunately, despite his success, Pan Shicheng faced unforeseen challenges and hardships. His personal residence and fortune were greatly affected and eventually faded away into the depths of history and time.

However, Pan Shicheng’s contributions to Chinese culture through his collection and publication of classical Chinese literature, calligraphy masterpieces, and rare manuscripts are everlasting.

In addition to his cultural contributions, Pan Shicheng left behind a lasting legacy known as the “Pan Hu” or “Pan teapot.” Those who appreciate collecting Yixing purple clay teapots are familiar with the name “Pan Hu.”

Pan Shicheng had a deep passion for tea and a particular fondness for Yixing purple clay teapots. He commissioned the production of custom-made teapots in Yixing, both for personal use and as gifts for others.

The unique feature of the Pan Hu teapot is the placement of the seal mark. Pan Shicheng would have his seal mark engraved on the lid rim, while the bottom and other areas of the teapot remained unmarked. The seal mark featured the Chinese character “Pan” in seal script. Over time, this style of teapot became widely known as the “Pan Hu” in honor of Pan Shicheng.

The Design of Pan Hu Teapot

The teapot lid resembles a traditional conical hat, adding a touch of playfulness to the sturdy body of the teapot.

The round knob on the lid is lively and full of vitality. The spout of the teapot gently curves outward, exhibiting a slender and graceful appearance.

When pouring tea from the teapot using its curved handle, the water flows smoothly in a continuous stream, resulting in a natural and refreshing experience.

There are 3 types of Pan Hu, short, medium and tall Pan Hu.

Tea Suitable For Pan Hu

For the tall Pan Hu, we recommend steeping oolong tea and black tea.
As for the medium Pan Hu teapots, they are suitable for brewing Pu-erh tea.
The short Pan Hu teapots are ideal for brewing green tea.

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