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Gong Fu Tea Set

Shop the best antique elegant Gong Fu tea set made by our tea ware artist from China Tea Spirit. Choose the right tea set for gifting, easy tea session during travel or in workspace, complex tea ceremony etc.

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What is Gong Fu Tea Set?

Gong Fu tea sets are a type of tea set that is typically used in the Gong Fu tea ceremony. The Gong Fu tea ceremony is a Chinese tea ceremony that is based on the ancient art of tea making. The tea set is an important part of the ceremony, as it is used to brew the tea and to serve it to the guests.

The tea set typically includes teapot, Gaiwan, Kung Fu tea cups, Gong Dao Bei (Fairness cup), tea filter, tea tray, tea boat, Chaze, tea basin, tea mat and etc. Some of them are must-haves for Gong Fu tea ceremony while some are accessories for tea session. Let’s learn about their usage.

Teapot: Teapots are traditional brewing vessel in Gong fu tea sets. They are small, typically holding around 4-6 ounces of water. Teapots are made from a variety of materials, including clay, glass, and metal, and can be decorated with intricate designs.

Gaiwan: Gaiwan is another vessel for brewing Gong fu tea. It normally consists of a lid and a bowl, some include a saucer. The simple yet elegant design of gaiwan allows it to be used for multiple infusions of tea.

Gong fu tea cup: Used for tasting tea. Normally the cup for host has a larger size than guest.

Gong Dao Bei (Fairness cup): It is used to even the amount of tea before sharing to the guest. After the tea is ready in teapot or Gaiwan, pour the tea into the Gong Dao Bei first. Then pour the tea into the tea cups and make sure the amount is even.

Tea Filter: The tea filter is used together with Gong Dao Bei is filter out the tea residue. So the tea is clean and clear.

Tea Tray, Tea boat: A tea tray or tea boat holds the tea set and accessories. It also collects the water and keep our tea table clean. You don’t need a tea tray to get started on Gong fu tea but a tea tray will definitely make you like a pro.

Chaze: A Chaze is a tool to place the dry loose leaf tea and put the leaves into the brewing vessel in an elegant manner. It avoids scattering the leaves everywhere.

Tea basin: A tea basin is a bowl where tea sets can be washed. It also holds waste water and tea during the tea session.

Tea mat: The tea mat protects and dress up your tea table.

The Gong Fu tea ceremony is a very ritualistic affair, and every detail of the tea set is important. The size and shape of the teapot and teacup, the material they are made from, and even the way they are placed on the table all play a role in the ceremony.

If you are interested in learning more about Gong Fu tea and tea sets, we offer some carefully selected Kung Fu tea sets for your consideration.



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